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Domenico Neziti
Artist | Professional | Varied
Illustrator/Comic Artist. MMA, Space/ Science, Comedy, Tabletop rpg appreciator.
Born and raised Canadian now living in Italy. In my 20 years of professional experience I've had the pleasure of working with Dark Horse, Image, Soleil, Marvel, Steve Jackson Games, Fantasy Flight Games, Glenat, Green Ronin Publishing and many more.

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(Episode 9: Bugs and Bears) by Nezart
(Episode 9: Bugs and Bears)

(Episode 9: Bugs and Bears)


“Hey Vordan, with all due respect, can you please not shout and keep slandering me every time I try to follow your techniques!”


“…Yeah, now I’m starting to understand many things about you…”


“Nothing! nothing at all, I was just catching my breath.”


“Uh, yeah thanks Vordan…”

The apprentice nears the young adventurer and tries to cheer him up a bit. “Vordan the Forsaken wasn’t known for being a jovial and charismatic warrior my friend. But his knowledge and skills in combat were superb and he too also fought with a shield and sword. Try not to be discouraged by his rude nature and absorb all you can in this lapse of time.”

The boy smiles back at her, acknowledging her wisdom. “Why was he called the Forsaken? I heard a drunk bard once speak of his battles but I never knew why he was called that way.”

The young woman tries to recall the story while trying to keep her voice down. “He was a zealous follower of the god of war Nadu’Er and had pursued all the omens the oracles of the god had revealed to him. He was one of his most valuable instruments in the ancient times. But Vordan was a man of great pride, a virtue the gods appreciated only when donned upon the mortals. He had asked the oracles to send a message to Nadu’Er, that he would continue to please his will if he would bestow prosperity and safety to his wife and children while absent fulfilling the god’s will. Nadu’Er did not take lightly what he considered an insult from the mortal Vordan and decided to punish him through the use of the devoted oracles to appease his anger for the mortal insolence. When Vordan returned home from yet another battle in Nadu’Er’s name he found his family slain in his very home and the writings “Blind faith, nay demands!” lettered in blood on a wall. He ran to the temple and slaughtered the oracles, burnt to cinders the holy place and cursed the god that he would one day have his vengeance.” 

“Didn’t the god punish him for that too!” Asks the bewildered boy.

“Oh yes he tried but fortunately Vordan was approached by the Wanderer, the giver of knowledge himself who gave him the Signature of the Seekers and from that day he declared war on all the god’s temples, unseen and blind to their all seeing vision.”

“Vordan was a Seeker too!?” Yells the adventurer.

“Shhhhhhhhh!” Interrupts the apprentice.

“What, I can’t say he was?” Questions the boy.

“Silence… I hear a noise of stone grinding and a deep growl accompanied by yelps in the real world! Quick you must awaken! The patrol must have been alerted! They are passing through the secret stone door, you must act quickly and hide somewhere!” 

The apprentice starts to shake him by the shoulders. “We will met again when you will fall asleep. The Signature of Slumber will help you slip into rest but you must do it in safe places!”

“Wake up, WAKE UP!”

The adventurer jolts from the ground as he awakes from the exact position he was when he slipped the ring on. At first he thinks it was a weird dream but then all is confirmed by the noise the apprentice warned him about. He quickly but silently scurries while trying to remember the map of the dungeon’s first level and decides to go hide in the slaughter room. 

As soon as he enters he is overwhelmed by the stinging stench of rotten meat and blood and the buzzes of flies and bugs that feed on them. The room is a horror scene but there is no time to waste. He sees a pile of junk and waste and a large dirty skinned fur on the floor. In the meantime the growls and yelps become louder and louder as they seem to approach. He covers up and leans some cracked weapons and shields on him to hide himself even more and starts to breath though his mouth so he won’t gag from the nauseating stench.

The patrol must have reached the area where he fought the two kobolds and the growls become louder and angrier. All of the sudden a barking yelp is heard followed by a suffocated moan and gasp of what seems to be a kobold. A thud of a light body hits the stone floor. Many sounds of scattering paws are heard running in fear urged by one last powerful grunt.

Heavy steps seem to approach the slaughter room as our hero remains silent and still in his improvised hideout. A large bugbear emerges from the dark corridor and leans inside to take a look. He sniffs the air as would a large bear trying to discern dead meat from the living. Is his sense of smell so acute? Did the young boy rattle a chain that is still swaying, giving off his presence?


Cliffhanger! Let’s call this a season ending for now.

As I announced yesterday I'll probably stop doing the episodes for a bit. I had a lot of fun doing them and dedicated a lot of days just for the fun of it but aside the people who really appreciated them I haven't seen that much interest and feedback even considering the fact that I have been posting them on many of the RPG and Fantasy groups (which honestly shocks me a bit, but I guess I must have overestimated what role playing gamers and fantasy appreciators really like).

It all started with the illustration of the level 1 warrior which was shared and liked a lot so I wanted to give something back and continue the story since there was some curiosity.

If I see around the same interest that the first episodes got again on the the rest of them I'll see if I can get this going again but till then I think it'll stop at this 9th episode for now.

If you want to see more and bring this story back to life spread the album of “The Lonely Adventurer”, share the posts and let other appreciators of good old fantasy stories and D&D lovers know about it! If there is enough people who want to see it continue I could even consider doing a crowdfunding project where I could take some suggestions on how the story continues and even draw certain details or NPC’s from the bidders.  ;)

Do you really want to leave our lonely adventurer in a slaughter room with a menacing bugbear looming in on him?!

Here's the rest of the story:…

Had a blast doing them and I hope you had fun too :)

(Episode 8: Lessons in a dream) by Nezart
(Episode 8: Lessons in a dream)

The young apprentice starts walking and gesturing around her as if she was swatting some invisible insect while holding our hero by the hand. With the same astonishment as before, the young adventurer sees images form around him as if plucked from nowhere until the corridor from the dungeon he was in surrounds him again. 

“Are we back in the dungeon?” Asks the boy bewildered by the changes around him.

Without losing concentration the apprentice continues to wave and gesticulate. “No, we are still in the land of slumber. I’m drawing from my memories what I remember of the dungeon’s first level.” 

“This is where your body fell asleep. You have 2 options to get to the stairs that lead towards the second level. You either follow the Seeker’s Signature and go through the kobold guard room towards the hallway that is guarded by two kobolds, then enter the access corridor that is also guarded by two other kobold guards armed with bows.
Another option is the secret passage my dear master percieved that leads through the kobold barracks. There might be five or six of them resting inside so you might avoid any conflict but the secret door seems really heavy to nudge and it might make some noise.”

The boy looks around dazed from the reality of the dream she sowed from nowhere. “What about this ‘Signature’ you keep talking about? Did you write them and why don’t the kobolds see them?”

The young woman sighs trying to evaluate an easy way to explain her knowledge in a few words. “That is the Seeker’s Signature, an ancient symbol from an order of researchers of knowledge from where my master and I come from. It is invisible to anyone who is not from the order, even the gods can’t see it -“

“Hold on, hold on! How come I can see it it then?” Rambles the young adventurer.

She again starts to wave her finger as if it was a brush in the darkness. “My master must have bestowed you with the sight of truth, but it won’t last for very long. He inscribed them on our way down so we wouldn’t lose ourselves like we have in a past maze we ventured. You must learn to inscribe it and master the craft of it’s calligraphy so you can see it and use it your advantage. You should also learn the Signature of the Kobolds for it will aid you in your efforts against them and if you inscribe it correctly it may even make you invisible to their eyes.”

The amazed boy looks at her with disbelief. “ How can a scribbled writing do such a thing?”

“Those scribbled writings are the true names of what they signify, written by the gods themselves. Mastering them takes decades and you have little time and too many questions!”

“How can you have the knowledge of the Gods!?” Assails the adventurer.

The apprentice brings her hand to her forehead and brushes her long hair back almost trying to compose herself in this difficult situation. “Please… we don’t have much time. You are asleep on the dungeon floor now and even though I can hear and sense that there are no imminent dangers in your vicinity a kobold patrol may be alerted by the missing guards you have slain. You must try to master the Signatures I showed you, if you inscribe them incorrectly you might inscribe who knows which Signature and you may bring doom on yourself!”

“…All right, all right. By the way, that room with the well, how deep does it go? Does it only collect from a water supply on this floor or does it go down a few levels?” Ponders the youngster while scratching his scruffy few chin hairs.

She greets his curiosity with a smile. “That’s an interesting question! We only saw the room quickly while searching for the quickest route down. You might want to check it and confirm your query.” Now start retracing the Signatures I have inscribed with your finger and gain familiarity with it’s form.”

“This will be veeeeery boring, I already know it…” Complains the adventurer while repeatedly trying to emulate the Signature’s calligraphy.

The apprentice starts to gesture and inscribes a very complex Signature. “Don’t let boredom afflict you too much, for I have more in store for you. You were right before, I have never held a weapon in my life, but I know someone who is a veteran in the art of war.”

From the gloomy shadows all of the sudden a clap of thunder ripples the darkness and a powerful figure appears! 

Our hero looks up shocked and ecstatic by the sight of what stands in front of him. “Vordan the Forsaken!!!”



Well, it is a lot to digest but hey, we are in the lands of slumber after all :) It seems he’ll, have a decent teacher in the art of combat and he might take advantage of the Signatures the apprentice is trying to bestow him with. That is if he remembers them once he’s awake!

He even has 3 possible routes to the next level, but there are hurdles in each one. We’ll see where which he picks, which would you?

Stay tuned for the next episode of The Lonely Adventurer!

(Episode 7: The Reveal) by Nezart
(Episode 7: The Reveal)

The giant monster starts to squirm eratically roaring and screeching as if in great pain.
A strange aura begins to engulf it as it slowly descends towards the floor and it’s shape almost starts to lose pieces that flutter away in streams from the light it sheds.

Once on the ground all is left is a young woman kneeling and crying with great sorrow.

“Seeker Arkal, it can’t be true…”

“Whoa! W-what in the name of the Gods has just happened?! Who are you?! “ Says the young adventurer still shook from beholding such an overwhelming scene.

Still sobbing and realizing that her fate is direly sealed, she wipes the tears from her eyes and cheeks and tries to recollect herself.

“ I am the apprentice of the stranger you have met young one.”

“Great!” shouts the young boy. “I mean, I’m sorry for the departure of your master but he really wanted to get you out of here, so please follow me and I’ll lead you to my village!”

The young woman looks up towards the eager adventurer with compassion and sadness at the same time. 

“Please go, you are still in time to return to safety. There are many dangers in this dungeon and I am far from being at your reach…”

“Listen to me! The stairs towards the surface are close behind and I killed the guar-“

“You don’t understand!” Says the apprentice while interupting the eagerness of our adventurer. “This is not a place inside the dungeon. We are in the land of slumber now.”

The boy looks at her with dismay. “Land of slumber??? What are you talking about?”

“Once you put the Seeker’s ring on you have been touched by the Scripture of the sower of dreams. I will awake you and let you return to your home.”

The boy clenches his fist and looks her straight in the eyes. “STOP telling me what to DO! I’m not leaving for my home nor am I going to leave you stranded here in the hands of who knows what foul creatures!”

The young woman looks up again and sees the firm determination in his eyes. She ponders a while as she tries to contemplate the possibilities of his aid in this critical situation.

“It seems that Seeker Arkal had seen something in you after all. I will not stop you from what you seek, but we must act together where possible for there are many dangers ahead.” The young woman stands up and takes the hands of the young one.

“I must teach you whatever I can in the moments we may interact. We don’t have much time but I’ll do my best.”

The young adventurer looks at her with doubt. “ Teach me what? You don’t look like you have ever held a weapon in your life. No offence”

She smirks as she starts walking into the gloomy darkness, still holding his hand. “None taken at all. By the way, how are your drawing skills?”

“Drawing …skills???”


The Stranger’s apprentice might be even stranger than the stranger! Well at least he didn’t get torn to pieces by that giant monster :)

The story goes on in the next episode.

Don’t miss it!

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In any case if you see something in my gallery that is close to what you would like as a style just tell me and we can see what it falls under.

So if anyone is interested just say a word.





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